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Vaghe Stelle - Sweet Sixteen


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<< Last one, then it's gone >>

Twisted, ferric grade toxic tracks by Vaghe Stelle on Astro:Dynamics -

After a string of cleverly executed and curated cassette releases, Astro:Dynamics manifest 8 tracks by Turin-based Vaghe Stelle, who really impressed us with his left-field, yet kind of 'discretely upfront' output on the Gang Of Ducks label a short while ago.

Aesthetically in tune with the 1991 LP which was released on Astro:Dynamics cassette and vinyl, Vaghe Stelle's music sounds like it was squashed onto the same tape-recorder, binding each track to the next, often lifting it's distortion and manipulation straight off the reels, adding strange harmonies and unexpected frequencies...

Starting with a disorientating string of melody and distorted remnants of (perhaps) previous recordings that managed to reside on the reels of the tape, the LP continues it's journey into a hazy land of smoke and rhythm... gradually picking up the momentum and untangling itself from rhythmic constraints, clearing the way for the sub bass and kick drum to push through the mist.

At times not far off an off-kilter grime track from the mid 00's, the unchained melodies and squashed synth lines have an unhinged feel to them, escaping from the restrictions of formulaic patterns, far off the grid - like a machine on the loose, out of control... the perfect counterpart to unhinged structure is presented in the form of driving basslines and forwards kick-drum momentum.

Sonically in a unique, unfamiliar space, yet there is something that hold's it all together, an invitation to immerse oneself right in the midst of it all and get completely lost inside this brilliant, versatile 8 track LP.

Served on white vinyl.
Housed in PVC sleeve.

Mastered by Sebastian Gainsborough, aka Vessel - via Reel to Reel tape.

My Birthday / Sweet Sixteen

Artificial Intelligence / Libitum

Duemila Kilometri / She Sometimes

Sorry I Don't Know Where I Am Now / Thanks For The Conversation