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Various Artists - A Weird State of Experimental Experience

Kashual Plastik

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Proper DIY import business from Berlin, limited to 200!

Berlin based Kashual Plastik (or Kashual), has quietly ploughed its own furrow over the last few years, with releases by Georgia, Bufiman (Jan Schulte), and a mixtape by DJ Richard, among other delights. The label returns with a new EP, combining industrialised electronics, organic field recordings and drone guitar trips.

MM/KM collaborator Matalla (Kann Records) lifts the curtain with a pick-up-sticks tropical percussion episode. Robert Bergman (Bakk Records), proves that industry is not dead yet, with a pulsing factory of sound, turning out objects we had not found the use for, until now. Ernesto González's prolific alias: Bear Bones, Lay Low provides a sci-fi spring reverb excursion into the wrong part of town. Frankfurt's Inkasso, oversees a session of metaphysical kraut-tinged loop therapy. Promoter / DJ and label boss, Herc E Rillen brings the show to a close with his mysterious, psychedelic machine.

Handcrafted and screen printed sleeves,
with a sticker and poster,
only 200 copies made.

A1 Philipp Matalla - Bonus Drums
A2 Robert Bergman - Wiwi
B1 Bear Bones, Lay Low - Lachentanz
B2 Inkasso - Art des Rassel
B3 Herc E Rillen - Francisco Drive

A1 Philipp Matalla - Bonus Drums

A2 Robert Bergman - Wiwi

B1 Bear Bones - Lay Low Lachentanz

B3 Herc E Rillen - Francisco Drive