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Various Artists - Carvings 2 (Limbo Tapes)


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The second in the Carvings series from Titus 12's Limbo Tapes project has just landed on our shelves, and brings with it an essential plethora of fresh and completely new talent just waiting to be unpacked and delved into.

The Carvings series has been a home for, as the label puts it, "a clutch of talented, unsung, and innovative Bristol-affiliated producers, as well as their friends from further afield." To that end, the project has already been a roaring success, and Carvings Vol. 2 marks a welcome surge in stylistic breadth, with some of our favourite picks including YLTCU's brief but ear-catching contribution, as well as Dive Reflex Service and T-XII's wonderful neo-ambient cut 5th Century Flood.

Finding and promoting fresh, left-of-centre artists has been always been a core mantra of how we like to operate Rewind-Forward, so seeing this mantra echoed in the way other labels are doing things puts a huge smile on our face.

In short, wherever your musical preferences are and wherever your sensibilities take you, you'll find an artist to be excited about on here - what can be more satisfying than that?

Clips of each side on the players, 16 tracks in total, full tracklist is as follows -

1.Dive Reflex Service - You Should
2.Dusty Ohms - Beneath Sound
3.Mulengasound - Shade Empress
4.Auxx - Ruffel 2.1
5.Akira Neroli - Bare Bones
6.MTF - Point Two
7.Symatic - Dubworks
8.YLTCU - Cookies
9.Dive Reflex Service & T-XII - 5th Century Flood
10.Mirapid - Globes
11.Mulengasound - Solitary Skyline
12.Titus 12 - As Above, So Below
13.Able8 - Ogre
14.Hartta - Aghast
15.Sunun - Voicebox (Eusebeia Remix)
16.Lupo - Casi-Oh

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