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Various Artists - Ceramics - Volume One


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We’ve known Hamish Trevis aka Kinlaw aka the man behind one of Bristol’s most honest and down to earth DIY operations ‘Ceramics’ for some time now… Mainly from various visits to our local spot for film development, where he spends his time behind the counter, getting a sneak peak at upcoming tape-echo artwork projects in their photographic form.

The Ceramics imprint is hard to pin down, perhaps best describable as one of those Bristol projects that can’t be tagged in the lazy ‘soundsystem culture’ bracket, but does fit in with the more humble happenings in the DIY electronic scene here… No big fuss or hype-merch, Ceramics have released an LP from Joane Skyler and an excellently scuzzy tape from Mhah Mos, and are now presenting their long-in-the-pipeline ‘VOL 1’ compilation, featuring 10 tracks from 10 artists who are held dearly by the label, having presented them with mixes in the past and walking a similar (non)path to the Ceramics crew.

On ‘Volume 1’ - as the title suggests - Ceramics first completion tape, f*cked up bangers from the likes of Filter Dread, OMAAR, 1127 and Presente go head to head with a strange, but totally wild 8-bit acid contribution from Joane Skyler, schizophrenic computer music from Preston/Read, Hype Williams-esque house from Mhah Mos, saturated Steel Pan stillness from GramRcy and paranoid, murky use of cow-bell by rkss, who is followed by a cleansing, yet slightly unnerving finisher string section from Infinity Frequencies…

Surfing the varied waves that the compilation format enables the compiler to lay bare, Ceramics have done a great job in finding some serious border-crossing, boundary pushing music on this cassette -

from high-energy ambience and vertigo rhythms through to that smokey goodness: it’s all in here -

Real underground business, straight from round the corner, manifested on those trusty tape reels.

Limited Edition of 100.
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1. OMAAR - Aroma
2. Gramrcy - Tree Noise
3. Preston/Read - Shard
4. Filter Dread - Tribal Cyborg
5. 1127 - PAT TWIFT
6. Joane Skyler - Bisque
7. Presente - Luce Stranca
8. Mhah Mos - Paula Sekouba
9. rkss - Rim
10.Infinity Frequencies - Something Waiting Just Beyond

OMAAR - Aroma

Filter Dread - Tribal Cyborg

Mhah Mos - Paula Sekouba

Infinity Frequencies - Something Waiting Just Beyond