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Various Artists - Dancehall Thriller

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1986 UK dancehall business straight out of the Blakamix studio - one of the first releases from the label, o.g. copies

We're sitting on a big box of goods from Dennis 'Mixman' Bedeau's Blakamix Intl, sent to us straight from their HQ straight out of Bedford. Lots of very high-grade material in that box - UK dub, steppers, dancehall 7"s, to 12"s, LP's and even a heap of cassettes - keep checking our site over the next days / weeks for lots of crucial gear from one of the very best labels and production operations to represent the JA sound in a UK dub style and fashion, Mixman at the controls.

... And out of that box, this Dancehall Thriller selection was too good to pass by, for musical reasons, and also for that killer of a sleeve design - that front cover is the absolute one, and the flip includes nice sleeve notes and pics of all the artists involved too.

Also made sense to get that one up on our site first, as it's one of the very first records the label put out (catalogue number BLKMX01), filled with digital bubblers and sweet lovers rock styles from the extended Blakamix family, some of which were to appear on singles other LPs later on too - Monique, Dennis B, Samson Youth, Tatty Levi & Dennis Nolan all step up on the mic, and this LP comes with all that energy of that early digital sound which swept over from Kingston around that time in the mid 80's, and inspired the UK's soundsystem scene here too.

Does what is says on the tin: it's a DANCEHALL THRILLER!

Original press copies from 1986,
Produced by Mixman.

A1 – Monique -Running Around
A2 – Dennis B. - Leave My Sound
A3 – Samson Youth - Gimme The Thing
A4 – Tatty Levi - She Blows My Mind
A5 – Dennis Nolan - Vanity Girl
B1 – Dennis Nolan - Killer Thriller (Remix)
B2 – Samson Youth - No Loafter
B3 – Tatty Levi - Reggae Music A Don
B4 – Monique - When Love Calls
B5 – Dennis Nolan - Rough Neck

Dennis B. - Leave My Sound

Monique -Running Around

Dennis Nolan - Killer Thriller (Remix)

Tatty Levi - Reggae Music A Don