Various Artists - Everything Was Supposed To Be So Easy (Left Alone Cassette)

Left Alone

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Copies of the excellent first VA release via LDN event-organisers / zine makers / good ppl Left Alone have landed in Bristol, and we can get one to land near you too, if you want?

... Well... Give it a think once you've stuck on these clips and soaked it all up a bit.

Having brought many heads into dimly lit places in London over the years, Left Alone - headed up by Ashton Holland along with design boss Alex Gross, they've been ramping up the versatile club-scene in the big smoke for some time, bringing artists such as the likes of Elena Colombi, Interstellar Funk, Lukid, RAP, even our Ossia to town.
That zine they did looked real nice too, proper top stuff.
We know Ashton loves a bit of dub as well - basically, all around plus points for this kru.

By the sounds of it, this release was planned for some time prior to ye olde pandemic, but nonetheless it seems like a good reaction to that lockdown void, and we feel that the variation of artists featured on this comp, the track selection and the sequencing of it all feels very mature and perfectly suited for filling those extra hours at the yard, thinking about 'the good times' and all that jazz. No less would we like to assure you that this one would also work wonders to your comedown or 'the fear' after a boozy night (Dare we say: with loud music, huddled around a speakerbox with mates\?!!) -

From the opening wooze of 'from here on it's all' and the sweetness in tow with the subtle dread of the tandem of Malvern Brume and Lathe Burin, through to the mesmerizing jangled guitar structures and dream pop / post punk niceness of Great Area the first half of the tape already feels like it could be the beginning of an album, the tracks go so well together.

That's not to say the rest doesn't gel and collide in the best ways though.
Track 7 gives us a debut from newest Broshuda moniker 'No Vacancy' and it's one of the most quietly symphonic tracks we've heard from this fine mind. This one was self-subscribed to us for endorphin boost on repeat for quite some time, and hearing it again right now after a short break of a few days or so, is a real pleasure again, what a treat.
This cut perfectly opens up proceedings and re-shapes the vortex once more, for things to get a bit more wild and weird on the B Side of the tape (just as it should!) with the likes of Blic treating us to dat sludge with the Darkout instrumental cut, Polido steppin' through forests we never heard before (Live @ Damas, no less) and Max Scholpp representing the zooted Malt from out of Cologne.
Gamba and Conrad Pack take things higher once more for the final two cuts of this A1 style compilation album (yeah, damn right, we added album to the end of the compilation to make it sound better... Try stop us)

Anyway, now you know we're feeling this one, we'll let you decide the rest for yourself.

Ltd edition, served in a real nice way -
- C45 Tape
- Full colour J-Card
- Holographic Foil Tracklist
- Transparent Orange Cassette
- Onbody Print

Artwork by Peter Sutherland
Design by All Purpose
Mastering by Rupert Clervaux

1. from here on it's all - Vincennes (01:51)
2. Malvern Brume - Broken Bow-Tine (05:05)
3. Lathe Burin - Rosemarie & the Rhododendron (02:33)
4. Malvern Brume - Tarmac Shakes Into New Shapes (03:03)
5. Primitive Structures - Seasalt (03:10)
6. Great Area - Over Again (03:10)
7. No Vacancy - O (02:49)
8. Lathe Burin - Thoothpick Splinter (01:49)
9. Blic - Darkout (Instrumental) (03:13)
10. Polido - Twig (Live @ Damas) (06:21)
11. Max Scholpp - 420 Hansa Malz (04:23)
12. Gamba - County (04:09)
13. Conrad Pack - Putting Down The Dog (02:57)

No Vacancy - 0

Great Area - Over Again

Polido - Twig (Live @ Damas)

Gamba - County