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Various Artists - Firma Do Txiga


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Finally arriving on our shelves is this wicked package from Lisbon-based label Principe, a three-way split release with cuts from DJ K30, DJ NinOo and Puto Anderson that contorts, transforms, and elevates the sounds of Lisbon's Afro-Portugese dance music to new heights.

DJ K30 leads the billing with the most sonically adventurous grouping of the lot. In his own words, these tunes explore the fringe territories of the Palop sound, a syncopated style popularised on the streets of Lisbon. K30 extrapolates these rhythms through a metallic, techno-influenced vector which reaches its apex on Melodias do K30, an intoxicating fusion of mutated dub-techno chords and the unmistakeable 6 against 4 syncopations of its Latin influence.

DJ NinOo heads up the second disc, diverging from his counterpart on the premier disc with an injection of treacle-sweet melodies that culminate in the wondrous highs of Saudades Do Russel, which borrows its vibe from contemporary dancehall as much as it does from the sound of Lisbon's diverse club music.

The package saves its most club-ready trax for last with Puto Anderson's offering. Our favourite of the two has to be Eh Brincadeira, a scorching-hot high-tempo riddim that does little more than loop through its syncopations for 4 minutes. With rhythms like these though, does it need to do anything else? We think not.

1. Era Uma Ve(z)
2. Hora da Casa
3. Sistema
4. Melodias do K30
5. Ambientes Leves
6. Saudades do Russel
7. Éh Brincadeira
8. Gritos do Infinito

DJ K30 - Melodias Do K30

Puto Anderson - Gritos Do Infinito

DJ NinOo - Saudades Do Russel

Puto Anderson - Eh Brincadeira