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Industrial Coast

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Fresh in from up north, we got this charity / statement compilation from via the Industrial Coast powerhouse, alongside a very strong international crew in unity against the tyranny of the UK's Governments 'Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill', a highly alarming, (deeply) police-state leaning new set of laws which are to be passed under Priti Patel and her Conservative party's allies rule - very obviously partly as a reaction to recent (positive!) Black Lives Matter action, and a downright insult to UK citizens (especially the marginalised - even homeless people & travellers (gipsies) face further punishment and restrictions to their already minimal freedoms.

These new laws are being passed to further reduce the rights of UK citizens to protest, congregate (that includes untaxed, autonomous music events also), and even freely communicate (linked to self-organisation and vocal protest incitement), to an alarming shred.
Even rough sleeping, i.e. the homeless could be feeling the impact of these new laws.
It is simply an(other) utterly alarming, disgusting, in-humane call from the UK government, adding to its history of shocking behaviour and crushing action against a fair society.

For more information on this bill - please check these links for a start:

- Britain is becoming a police state by stealth.

- What Is Kill The Bill?

If you're not from the UK, you may have heard only heard the news about the Kill The Bill protest in Bristol, or London. Most likely, you were pointed towards the riotous behaviour and panic-fuelled action that happened, with 'some police officers injured' (let's not forget the violence from the police themselves here) or other 'anti-social behaviour', or perhaps it was pointed out that the spread of the covid virus could've been pushed further due to youths congregating on the street again.

Protesting has been a crucial vehicle for positive change in this world for centuries now.
This new bill makes it far easier for Police & government to, amongst other diminished rights for citizens and prosecuting powers for the police, to incriminate activism and 'protest behaviour' under the extremely loose pre-tense of 'inciting violence' or even 'causing public annoyance'. Their new powers stretch as far as incriminating 'social media communications' which may have lead to a protest happening, or led to 'violence'. One of the big problems here, is the flexibility in the phrasing (which many politicians use to their benefit in media statements, in favour of leaving out the wider implications of their intentions) and the prosecutive powers of this new Bill. The new amendments to the crime, sentencing and courts bill can easily be stretched in favour of the prosecutor, and they compromise on basic human rights extremely deeply at this point.

once again - it's very important to remember, that most protests start peacefully, often only escalating into violence once police pressure is applied -
And the right to protest is far more important than the penalising power against individuals who cause damage during the process of protest.
Humans act differently, often in more extreme ways, when in large groups by nature (once again - search Freud's 'Crowd Psychology' or 'Mob Psychology' theories for valid research on Crowd Behaviour ).
With this in mind, and above all, the right to speak out and protest needs to be protected, not attacked.

'But, this is just a tape with music on it...' you say.
You're not wrong there, but it's the message that counts here, and the signs of community, and combined anger against further state repression. Fuck your memorials of colonial ancestry, fuck your nationalistic sense of 'security'. fuck all that.

Positive action leads to reaction. At least we'd like to think so, but what else can we do, apart from our bit?

All proceeds from this tape go to https://www.libertyhumanrights.org.uk/

Circa C60. Handmade tracklisting/flyer. Sticker. Presentation Envelope.

Artists featured: Nick Klein, Glyn Maier, DJ October, Stonecirclesampler, DJ Valentimes, Idealist, DJ Warzone, Autumns, Apomorphine International, Beau Wanzer

Beau Wanzer - Hamburger Hill

Nick Klein - If It Were A Snake It'd Bite Ya

October - Suppressed

Stonecirclesampler - Statement Part 2