• Various Artists - Marmo

Various Artists - Marmo

Baroque Sunburst

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Stealth bomb dancefloor cuts to put your bassbins to the test, delivered on a shock-proof, ltd edition 12" run via XCPT and Baroque Sunburst, with a collaborative tag-team effort of pacey, tripped out soundsystem styles across four tracks.

The 12" kicks off with a combo-cut from Nothus & Big Hands (fresh off that GRAFT 12" - we have very last copies here btw), who flex with a half-time drum & bass palette here, frenetic gear, fully sub-loaded.
Next up, we got Soreab & KRSLD on the Buttons - I mean Butoh - stripping things down one extra notch, and letting those crispy snares fire off into the void, behind haunting frequencies, ear-shaving percussion and big belly bass.

On the flip side, Big Hands goes in once more, this time alongside Soreab, going extra murky, we'd even say 'pure evil'... And we mean that in the best way possible.
Last but not least, Delikwe delivers the perfect finisher, the (anxious) calm after the storm... Still, smells like something's brewing on the horizon. Better dim the lights down low.

Wicked 12" for all bassheads, dancehall afficionados and DnB fans searching for the darkside once more..

Ltd Edition of 200 units. 170g vinyl. no digital, as far as we can see...
Mastered by Analogcut.

Nothus & Big Hands - Splugen Bass

Soreab & KRSLD - Butoh

Big Hands & Soreab - FC Ladub

Delikwe - Fibra Cosmica