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Various Artists - sound~space Mixtape


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Dystopian sound searching & bassbin exercises on this sound​~space mixtape, featuring wicked depth charges from the likes of Dhangsha, Simon Grab, Bantu, Kumo and more >>

Served up on a tape+dl edition only, here comes this various artists constellation gathering experiments and outlier dubs from a fine crew, including recent Simon Grab of Simon Grab & Yao Bobby fame, who also toured with Dhangsha pre-pandemic, who in turn happens to be one of the main curators of this compilation alongside Specimen Records' Paul Rip.

There's the no-input dreadwise of Simon Grab, who kicks off the comp and rears his musical head twice more, once with the technoid self-synthesis on 'Intrusion' & 'Epilogue' and then a final bass-blast with undulating square'd waves hitting & dripping through a mighty wall of sound on 'Necrosis'.
Then we have Kumo aka Jono Podmore, who delivers electroid carnival rhythms and a haunting, weird vocal synth type drift, followed by dark ambient sonix from the likes of DSPSSSSD, Dark Stereo and Efe Cele leading dark tunnels to Bantu's storming subwoofer testers and ear-trippers with Code Of Silence, Trodding, and Instability. Hypercube shreds the remnants of dancehall and computerised code-grime, and then, of course, there's Dhangsha who channels a kind of brukkup early DMZ vibe and offers another mad-mad-stepper as the finishing move to this fiery compilation.

Limited Edition, tape-only.
includes DL code.

This is cassette only mixed by Kumo ©sound~space
Curated by Aniruddha Das & Art Black
50 limited translucent bright orange on-body print.
Digital download codes are available to tape buyers only

Artist sleeve credits.
production credits: Mixed and mastered by Jono Podmore for ©sound~space_2021 Sleeve design: Coco Das, Photo assemblage Ani Das, Logo Design: Roganski Genetik

Side 1
01 Intrusion - Simon Grab
02 South African Euclid - Kumo
03 Systemic - Dhangsha
04 Code Of Silence - Bantu
04 Epilogue - Simon Grab
06 Black Bottom - Kumo
07 Zero Hour - DSPSSSSD
08 Efe Ce Ele - Steps

Side 2
01 Buzzard Lope - Kumo
02 Chernobyl Sounds from a Ghost Town - Black Monolith
03 Télétransmission - InhuM'AwZ
04 Necrosis - Simon Grab
05 Trodding - Bantu
06 Cosmic Dwarf - Hypercube
07 Instability (excerpt) - Bantu
08 Euclid on the block - Kumo
09 Intentions - Dhangsha

Dhangsha - Systemik

Efe Ce Ele - Steps

Bantu - Trodding

Simon Grab - Necrosis