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Various Artists - Zone Collective Vol. 1


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Killer compilation of underground talent, coming from Berlin's Zone Collective imprint -

Kicking off with a certified dancefloor destroyer from 1/2 of Giant Swan aka Mun Sing, into a proper chunk of high octane rave mayhem from label head Ridler, elastic acid workouts from Kleft, an ethereal slow groove techno trip from Lord Real, this compilation jumps from the most energetic in-your-face moments through to perfectly counterbalanced freakzone entries such as the refreshingly lethargic & carefree mix of oddball vox & drum machine from LAPS very own Sue Zuki, the arcade hall interruptions of Laf Tebano with the excellently titled Grand Dads House, and then finishing off proceedings with brutalist soundscapes from Sortsyn and all out brukkage from Smog to seal the deal.

It's a wicked ride through contemporary underground electronic sides, with a bit of harking back at familiar rave palettes for extra measure.

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1.Mun Sing - Reptile 03:49
2.RIDLER - Crak Whip 03:44
3.Kleft - Porn That Passes the Blechdel Test 03:33
4.Lord Real - Intense Coffee 03:31
5.Sue Zuki - SZtakemebk 02:24
6.LAF Tebano - Grand Dads House 02:42
7.Sortsyn - Bruxism 03:35
8.smog - Bavon 04:11

Mun Sing - Reptile

RIDLER - Crak Whip

Sue Zuki - SZtakemebk

LAF Tebano - Grand Dads House