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Various - From India to Siberia

Post Materialization Music

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A very curious mixtape from our friends at Post Materialisation Music in Russia -

"Compilation mixtape of found shellacs and vinyl records dedicated to Indian and Siberian traditional music"

Sounding something like a raw, outernational version of The Caretaker's series of shellac & 78 abstractions, this tape is filled with rare folk & film recordings made from dusty, transportive time capsules (aka old records from faraway places) this small edition homage to traditional music from one of the coldest and one of the hottest places on earth, both of which share a tradition of upholding their individual, ancient spiritual musical paths in their folklore expression as well as more current culture, something which is best preserved in their music, and which lends itself very well to the cassette format.

1. Unknown Indian Folk Song #1 03:48
2. Unknown Indian Folk Song #2 03:31
3. Unknown IndianFolk Song #3 03:37
4. Unknown Indian Folk Song #4 03:42
5. Unknown Indian Film Song #1 03:28
6. Unknown Indian Film Song #2 03:38
7. Unknown Siberian Folk Song #1 08:51
8. Unknown Siberian Folk Song #2 08:10
9. Unknown Siberian Traditional Ensemble #1 07:22
10. Unknown Siberian Traditional Ensemble #2 07:37

Unknown Indian Folk Song #1

6. Unknown Indian Film Song #2

Unknown Siberian Folk Song #1

Unknown Siberian Folk Song #2