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Various - No Order In Destiny

Kashual Plastik

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Two discs housed in hand-made wooden sleeve (yup, you read right!) containing a whole assembly of excellent music for ears who like it weird -

This one really is a bit of a stunner, simply put.
These kind of records don't come around so often.
This one's worth it for the packaging, but more importantly, it is filled with fine, fine, fine gems from across the DIY music spectrum - top biz!

Check the information and insight coming from the source:

"Label owner Frans Ambient himself morphs, swapping aliases, as his releases shape-shift, the imprint single mindedly crafting it’s own sound world. With early releases by NY duo Georgia; a mixtape by DJ Richard; the multi-discipline compilation EP "A Weird State Of Experimental Experience” - housed in a grass matting cover, embellished with a screen printed itinerant monk; something akin a postal sack (screen printed again) containing early tape works of Australian electronic pioneer Any Rantzen; and the sharp, wire-bound hand-made EP by magical Japanese electronic / art duo group A.

Mind your fingers, filling is hot!

Kashual Plastik 007 is more than just a double agent, it's a costume changing fifth columnist, destroying and reassessing how we could or should release music in this spoon-fed era.

Established scholars Georgia, alongside freshers NAR, Paul Arambula and KC, mix drinks with F_ingers (a combo of Carla dal Forno, Tarquin Manek & Samuel Karmel (CS + Creme); A.K. Klosowski, the 80´s experimental tape artist from Hamburg, rubs shoulder pads with Brannten Schnüre fresh from their blinding album via Low Company; Nadine Byrne from Swedish noisesters Ectoplasm Girls; Andre Uhl, musician and futurologist - there’s plenty of seats on top. The busload of creators on this anthology weave a psychedelic, dream-like state, with drones, opiated melodies and stellar visions. A pox on your coffee-table music, this wooden beast is both table and feast.

Says Ambient: "The idea behind the compilation was, to select artists and music they sounds pretty organic in a way to me and tried to give them a most possible organic packaging."

"The records come in a wood veneer cover, hand screen printed on the front and back - does this signal the end of the "dinged" corner?"

a1 Brannten Schnüre - Der Kuckuck Sprach das Kann Ich
a2 KC - Anem
a3 NAR - Tyreen

b1 Brannten Schnüre - Immerzu ein Fiepen
b2 Georgia - Church
b3 Nadine Byrne - Memory is a Wave

c1 Steve Pepe - Interlude
c2 A.K. Koslowski - Wake Up Wake Up
c3 F_ingers - Orgy in the Country Homestead with Friends and Bondage

d1 Andre Uhl - Talking Head
d2 Milan W - Astra
d3 Lamusa II - Vipera Aspis
d4 Paul Arambula - Boom Bound Paralysis


Brannten Schnüre - Der Kuckuck Sprach das Kann Ich

Georgia - Church

F_ingers - Orgy in the Country Homestead with Friends and Bondage

Nar - Tyreen