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Various - Save The Stones (Industrial Coast Cassette)

Industrial Coast

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Druid Junglist excursions, compiled by DJ Damage (1-800 Iceman / Grimescapes) & Industrial Coast...

One-of-a-kind ancient future trippin', assembling the stones of underground music history from recent decades, and mixing the ingredients into a timestretched, crushed, and meticulously blended potion that will conjure up previously unknown ghosts from said bygone times, discussing ruffneck jungle and the need for escapism from day-to-day city dwelling, in fields around stones, big speakers, and the sound of the willow tree as they shuffle to the rhythm.

Curated by DJ Damage (1-800 Iceman, Grimescapes) & Industrial Coast.

Cassette only. No digital. Last copies right here.

Save The Stones (Excerpt)