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Various – Southern Discomfort / Northern Distortion ( Industrial Coast 2xCassette)

Industrial Coast

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Fallen thru the cracks, we got a small handful of this already-rare killer two tape expansion pack via our friends at Industrial Coast -

Features unheard tracks from none other than dear friend DJ October's Spiritflesh and Laudanum projects, as well as Bad Tracking too!


Compiled in association with the man himself, the 5th in the Industrial Coast Deconstructed::Reconstructed series, and the most ambitious yet

A 2x Cassette, stretching to over 100 minutes, celebrating the work of not only Eye Hate God, but also other projects of Mike’ (Outlaw Order, Corrections House, The Guilt Of, Arson Anthem)

Interpretations of Mike’s work come from various luminaries of the US Noise & Experimental Electronics scene – God Is War, Ted Byrnes, The Vomit Arsonist & Uniform to name a few

From good old Bristol, DJ October appears in no less than 3 guises, alongside Bad Tracking, with London represented by Opal X & Conflicting Dynamics, & Carl Clandestine (Clandestine Tapes) flying the flag for Glasgow

Cover Art by Graham Shapley (Sheffield) and Postcard Art from Dog Bites Back (US)
Sold out at source, these are the last UK/EU copies in circulation

Released in clamshell with various postcards & stickers
Track listing and credits provided on postcard

A1 The Vomit Arsonist– I Am The Gestapo
A2 Dagger– Xiuhkoatl, De La Serpiente De Fuego (Inspired By Arson Anthem)
A3 Baglover + Macht– Blank/Who Gives Her The Ropes
A4 Ted Byrner– (To Be Played Alongside Or Indenpendent Of) Shinobi
A5 Bloodkry– Depress
A6 Pterygium– My Name Is God (I Hate You)
B1 Ahonahainyohan– Cortez The Killer
B2 Like Weeds– Run It Into The Ground
B3 Dread Risks– SFPT1
B4 Mannequin Hollowcaust– My Name Is God (I Hate You)
B5 Straight Panic– Southern Discomfort
B6 Laudanum (9)– Left To Starve
C1 Chelsea Bridge (2) Feat. Bob Hatt– Dirt Poor & Mentally Ill
C2 Carl Cladestine*– Deliquent Reich (Pill Fuk Up)
C3 Miser– Inferior & Full Of Anxiety
C4 Bad Tracking– Ruptured Heart Theory
C5 Willie Zarate– PB Sabbath
C6 Spiritflesh– Who Gave Her The Roses
D1 God Is War– White Neighbour (Black Peckerwood Remix)
D2 Conflicting Dynamics– Eyehategod Special Low Frequency Mix
D3 Corpse Desecration– Jack Ass In The Will Of God
D4 Glacial Mass– Hoat The System
D5 Opal X– Allergic To The Infamous Healer (Opal X Dub)
D6 Uniform– Blank

Eyehategod - Conflighting Dynamics (Special Low Frequency Version)

Laudanum - Left To Starve

O-Hoax The System - Corrections House Cover

Ahonahainyohan - Cortez The Killer