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Various - SPORTS (YOUTH) 12"


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Five cuts (one of them a vinyl-only cut) taken from the excellent SPORTS compilation on the excellent YOUTH label outta MCR - LDWG, Kassem Mosse, FUMU, Grischa Lichtenberger, and Sensa at the controls!

If you missed that SPORTS comp previously (grrr, we did a order a bunch of those CDs but the postal service f*cked up and we never received them!), or were waiting for some wax action, now is the time to make sure you indulge in this 2K20-ready piece of sonic tapestry.
It's a beast!

Across this SPORTS sampler 12", these five cuts (one of them sourced especially for this record only) present the widescreen, ruffneck club & cotch sonics that the YOUTH label have compiled for that fine comp, whilst presenting them in a way that makes sense on wax -

It's all killer, no filler on this record.
From the brukkup next-gen dancehall monster (jezuz, this one is so good) of LDWG, through to a bliss-inducing fourth-world-chug trip from Mr. Mosse, to neck-snapping, hair-raising hi-hats & kick drum rolls and Carpenter-esque levels of tension from Grisha Lichtenberger on the A3, through to a big, bad EBM-fuelled FUMU cut (fans of Beau Wanzer & Maopa Mazochetti, get stuck in!) and last, but definitely not least - the lean, mean, drank-sippin / lazer-shootin' stomp of MHG by Sensu.
This fine record gives us equal amounts of forward-thinking club pressure and satisfying home hi-fi compatibility.



Kassem Mosse - Silica Gel

Grischa Lichtenberger - 0219_26_re_0818_01_re_0417_14_lv_1bss omsp 64 3