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Vera Dvale - Garden of Feelings LP

In The Neighbourhood Of The Sun

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Fresh in the post via Fett Distro, here comes the much appreciated debut album from Vera Dvale, who stunned us with outings on Wania and Sex Tags Amfibia, and kept us hungry and waiting for more...

And now, well, here it is, in all it's stretched out, transportive (trying our best not to say 'transcendental' here...) beauty, served up and self-released on a heavy slab of wax via own new imprint:

Here's what the FETT slingers say:

"Introducing and rounding off with field recordings, from East Norway's countryside and the Pacific coast of Chile, it's in the same manner as 70's psychoacoustic recordings creating "sonic silence" if played at right volume. Title track is an exceeding travel of overtones and presence played on the church organ of Sørfinnset Chapel in North of Norway, feverish and beautiful. The bass rich and synthetically warm "Dove Organ" is outernationally spacious and time consuming, with recordings of ancient melting ice from Spitsbergen. As made for, and by, time & sound."

If, like many of us, you still feel like you're in some kind of wintersleep, gasping for that spring air - then this record will wrap around you like that warm blanket we all need from time to time.

Mesmerising stuff!

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