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Vera Dvale & Psykovarius - Udu

Sex Tags Amfibia

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Fett-connect Vera Dvale joins forces with fresh face Pyskovarius for Udu, a sprawling LP of beatless excursions that touch on early 1980s New Wave experimentalism with a fresh, updated twist.

Vera Dvale and Psykovarius will both be recognised from their earlier contributions to the Sex Tags universe, Dvale through their contribution to WANIA9107 and Psykovarius through their contribution to the multifarious SO PHAT The Gaddered Recordings Vol. 2 mix. Here they collaborate on a mind-bending, space-age interpretation of '80s referencing ambient experiments, ranging from the pensive keyboard explorations of Algus through to the Vangelis-esque, washed out textures of Valguse Tolm.

Despite the clear reference points, Udu never feels like a re-hash - it wears its signatures on its sleeve, sure, but at the same time Dvale and Psykovarius constantly re-frame these signifiers with subtle details like their contemporary-minded use of delay, reverb and pointillist composition techniques.

DJs and listeners alike will find plenty to delve into across the 7 tracks laid out here - this marks an auspicious debut LP for both parties involved, and a powerful continuation of the Sex Tags Amfibia legacy - hopefully their names will be appearing on wax again sooner rather than later.

1. Algus
2. Alguse tolm
3. Aeg
4. Alguse udu
5. Taevakehad
6. Vaade (Püramiid)
7. Must udu

Alguse Tom


Vaade (Puramiid)

Must Udu