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Vessel - Punish, Honey

Tri Angle

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Young Echo's Vessel is at it again -

Living in Bristol, we are obviously fairly up-to-date with what goes on here, sonically.
Sometimes we can foresee where certain artist will go next, as Bristol's musical current continues to stream...
The Young Echo collective is perhaps one of the less predictable currents within the city, especially the artist known as Vessel, or - in more underground circles - APE.

Following his debut album for Tri Angle, a superb 12" for Liberation Technologies and quality input to the Killing Sound formation, 'Punish, Honey' marks a new direction in Vessel's sonic attitude.
As anyone who has seen his recent live-shows as APE and Vessel will testify, 'Seb Gainsborough' is a brooding musical machine, we dare-say a 'creative genius', full of energy, playing music clearly from the heart, yet never mindlessly so...
In fact, this two-disc album makes clear just how much thought and deliberation goes into his output, the urge to create is not pacified by simple routes and rehabilitation of influences - Punish, Honey is the outcome of deep thought and hard graft, a labour of love and sweat...
From the abstracted, self made instrumentation and the attempts to harness them, through to the rich sonic diversity and cohesiveness of it's course - Punish, Honey feels momentous and the depth of it's impact is felt during the course of it's play.

Punish, Honey could never be called a masterpiece, because it's not designed to be - it's the sound of struggle and conflict, with moments of anguish laying the foundations for moments of sheer, victorious joy.

It's not often that music feels as deeply personal as this, it's emotive in all the best ways... A powerful, highly individual piece of music.


Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy.
Served in printed sleeve, shrinkwrapped and stickered.
Sleeve design by Harry Wright.
Photography by Stephanie Elizabeth Third.

A1: Febrile
A2: Red Sex
A3: Drowned In Water and Light
B1: Euoi
B2: Anima
C1: Black Leaves And Fallen Branches
C2: Kin To Coal
D1: Punish, Honey

Red Sex

Drowned In Water & light

Punish, Honey