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Via Maris - Credentials / Glimpse

Mechanical Reproductions

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Via Maris kicking off proceedings for Studio Tape-Echo's very-own 'Mechanical Reproductions' imprint, with two acute soundsystem-styled burners.

Young blood Via Maris makes his first mark with two weighty Bristol Techno slabs on the brand new label project from Alex Digard, bossman at 'Tape-Echo' -

Another very fine addition to our ranks of proud 'in-house' productions, we're very pleased to present the inaugural disc from the MR label to you all.

Via Maris has operated just below the radar for some time now, with strong support from the likes of Lurka, Asusu, Batu, Rhythmic Theory and many peers in the scene. It should also be noted that this debut 12" does not bare the mark of a newcomer at all - drop these on a worthy rig and watch the damage unfold.

Followers of the Tape-Echo aesthetic will have noticed the dedication to, and unique application of the many facets of the printing process and it's many variables, happy imperfections, and mechanic textures that inform much of Alex Digard's design work.
The label's manifesto - head to tape-echo.com for more info, of course - declares this venture as another outlet for the exploration of 'creating the multiple' - wether that's vinyl or print. Suitably, this record comes with a cogently styled, and wholly rational label sticker on the centre and the record is equipped with an A2 litho print, perfectly suited as an adornment for your wall. Cut & mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta, and pressed at Optimal Media in Germany, the mission statement for a high-quality end product is very clear here.

MR-01 is here, don't delay.

Edition of 250.
Black centre label, thermally printed centre stickers.
Includes lithographically printed A2 poster.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.