Viceroys - Heart Made Of Stone / Sly & Robbie Dub


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Rough n tough steppers from around 1980, Revolutionaries and Sly & Robbie on instruments, with the original Viceroys on vocals.

Viceroys have been around since the foundation days of rocksteady, and they prove here once more that they have it down when it comes to sweet, harmonising sufferers vocals.
Heart Made Of Stone couples the Viceroys tuneful song about love sickness with a tough bassline, which is further amplified on the later part of the extended version, keeping things dubwise, stripped back to the bass and drums with the squawkee synare scratching over the drum rolls and a steady, rock solid beat.

Flip it around for the ultra-dubbed 'Heart Made Of Rock Dub' produced and arranged and, as far as we can tell, mixed by Sly & Robbie.
Powerful dubwise styles on this one, all dub heads heading for outer space -
put on your suit and pack this here record in ya boot.

Viceroys - Heart Made Of Stone

Sly & Robbie - Heart Made Of Rock Dub