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Vin Gordon - Kojo Hoy / Kojo Dub

Partial Records

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Wicked reissue from back in 1979, Vin Gordon!

This is quite a special piece of instrumental dub music, Vin Gordon aka Don Drummond who is known for his outstanding Trombone playing, also takes the production seat here, and the outcome is a proper tribal piece of roots music, almost coming in like something from South America with the intro section, and chord changes that seamlessly glide over percussion and flute.... But as soon as it drops, you know where you're at, this is Jamaican reggae music at it's finest... Full of lifeforce and ultra-heavy on the rhythm and bass section.

Kojo Hoy licks first shots, then you flip it around for Kojo Dub.

Partial Records done it again, a great disc.

Kojo Hoy

Kojo Dub