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Weird times call for weird music... And to us this record here does a really really great job at reflecting a certain mood in the world right now, 'irish supergroup' Princ€ss deliver a fkn brilliant self titled LP in the form of this trip through a mysterious world of sound filled with sorrow and bruised beauty alike. Pressed to a vinyl run of 150 records for wherethetimegoes.

Heavilly effected string instrumentation, perhaps self made instruments or sound sources clash in a slow churning, downwards turning crescendo with hollowed atmospherics across the ten tracks on this album. Intermittent vocals and spectrum spanning fx warble against grainy reverberations of bass guitar, wind instruments and brittle, woozy synths.

The echo of vocals feels like a distant call, never quite in the front of the picture, but sometimes there with us, before we blow out into loose, cloudy arrangements of sound, sometimes like a muffled folk song, but more often into new age or avant garde territories with an industrial and hazy, ethereal dubbed out kind of vaporous post-punk sense to it all.

It's a very unique sounding record to us, but if we were to reference it, to us it could be gliding somewhere between a ghostly, sludged and very dubbed out yasuaki shimizu or bauhaus in a tango with liasons dangereuxes and caroline k's more freeform moments - all recorded with more celtic influence perhaps, Irish style, but in a parallel dimension with more aliens in the room...

But honestly, this LP is it's own beast really.

- this album deserves the full listen, if you ask us - it's a trip.


"Big tip for fans of early A.R Kane, Leila Sakini / Princess Diana of Wales, Hysteric Love Project, Ulla"

150 copies only.

A1. Crying

A2. Point of View

A3. Sometimes

A4. Hoist Point

A5. Wow

B1. Shining Star

B2. In My Head

B3. Last

B4. In The Morning

B5. Sliabh