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Violinbwoy - Brixton / Final Notice

Tribe 84 Records

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Heavyweight dub from Violinbwoy -

Released via Tribe 84 Records, three cuts per side, cut to 180gm disc, served up in a stamped kraftliner sleeve.
Violinbwoy lays down three cuts of 'Brixton' and 'Final Notice', in soundsystem style and fashion.

Midi Horns and overblown bassline are key ingredients, ruff & ready for all the hi-power amps and scoops.

Coming in heavy and raw like a Sak-Dub or Alpha Steppa production, these are sure to bring a bit of destruction once played at the right volume, ideally with the equaliser bumping into the reds.

First up, it's 'Brixton' followed by further excursions into steppers territory on the 2nd and 3rd cut.
Next up, 'Final Notice' similarly relentless UK Dub for the modern age...

Ready to rattle the windows at your local dance, no doubt.


Brixton Dub / Brixton Dubwise

Final Notice

Horns Notice / Dub Notice