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Vivek - Square Off


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The Head-Honcho of System Music is back! Uncle Vivek takes the reigns for an outright punisher of a 12!

Right from the get go "Square Off" steps  with a clipped B-Boy swagger and a bassline that wouldn't sound out of place on a late-90s Full Cycle record. Scattered with Dub incidentals and a foreboding pipe riff there is a lot of room left for the heavy emphasis on weight here!

The B-side "Slippin" is a lesson in real dubstep. Minimalist construction, no hype, just the bare essentials and a deranged synth for good measure. Carrying on in the wonky tradition of floundering mid range so deftly wrought by Coki and Kromestar before him, Vivek has created a future classic that is absolutely gagging for the wheel!

Slap this one on the platter and cause some problems!

Square Off