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Vlad Dobrovolski - Natursymphony No. 3 (Klammklang Tapes CD)

Klammklang Tapes

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Vlad Dobrovolski tunes in with Klammklang for a melancholy drift through spacious electro-acoustics, obscure(d) instruments and warped reverberations for an organic, shape shifting, and highly beguiling sphere of moods and frequencies -

It's been a pleasure getting hold of these bits from Russia - this one was shipped to us in the same box with a load of goods from STELLAGE, CANT and more -
this CD, presented in a mighty fine way, stood out to us for it's captivating, time-place-altering kind of sound... There's a real weightlessness to a lot of these tracks, there's this kind of infinitely-hollowed out frequency spectrum between each sound sequence, a constellation that leaves vast space between each counterpart and creates some kind of vapourous, long distance connection between the arrangements that feels at at once deeply recognisable in a natural sense, yet alien and otherwordly -

Wether it is the chimes, subtle synth melodics, those infinite or close-up echoes or intriguing sound sources such as and the "coconut, horn and shrub root flutes" which Vlad plays himself, there's a definite discourse going on, a universal-language conversation between the elements.

The sound elements often seem to replicate, or at least hint towards natural sounds - wether it's the low hum and high hiss of wind and water, the mountainous / rock and stone type sounds, or the reflective nature of reverberation.
There is a kind of human feel too though, a constant breathing or subtle singing that seems to be aligned with the happenings around it - tense moments in 'Water Hugs' can come across like gasps of air, whilst 'Calamity' feels like it's singing along with contempt as the cave plays it's melody out of water drips.

This makes sense to us, as Vlad stated that he seeks to pay homage, or at least reflect on a time when the planet was less occupied with the unnatural, and more in tune with it's surroundings, wether natural, animal or human.

To add to the spectrum of sound sources and the interactions with these soundscapes, Vlad has invited fellow russian sound artist Kurvenschreiber on synths and Yoshio Machida who is known for his steel pan experiments amongst other electro-acoustic ventures, and joins in for the last two tracks, to close this 8 track piece.

The result is a highly meditative, really quite beautiful trip through natural or synthesized sounds and the imaginary places they take us to -
Natursymophony No. 3 (1&2 don't exist (yet) btw) feels mystic and ancient, but also futuristic and alien - which is perhaps the perfect description of society's confused state of mind at this time, with history as our root-knowlege, and the imminent future as a constant (confusing) source of input to our ever-evolving ways of thinking.

Highly recommended if you like the sounds of Jon Hassell, Tomoko Sauvage, Chi Factory, Rosso Polare, or maybe even Broshuda's more restrained, dubbed out works.

Packaged in a great looking printed CD, housed in an embossed card sleeve -
++ contains DL code too.

All music is composed and performed by Vlad Dobrovolski, except track 1 featuring Kurvenschreiber (synthesizers) and tracks 7 & 8 featuring Yoshio Machida (metal percussions, steel pan).
Mastered by Alexander Pustynsky.
Artwork by Leta Dobrovolskaya.
Words by Stas Sharifullin & Vlad Dobrovolski.

1.Impetus feat. Kurvenschreiber
2.In The After
3.Velsyni Song
4.Water Hugs
5.The Glint Of Seawater, Or Floodwater, Or Sewage
7.Kokopelli Song feat. Yoshio Machida
8.Pythonic Woods feat. Yoshio Machida

Impetus feat. Kurvenschreiber

Velsyni Song

The Glint Of Seawater, Or Floodwater, Or Sewage

Kokopelli Song feat. Yoshio Machida