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Vlad Dobrovolski - The Drums of the Fore and Aft (Kotä LP)


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Another nice tip off from our friends at STELLAGE, Moscow -

This mesmerising ambient four track / fourty minute excursion from Vlad Dobrovolski, originally released around 2017 on Kotä.

if it didn't reach your radar (there's a good chance) then feel free to take a minute to sink in to this one -
The Drums Of The Fore And Aft is a highly meditative, kind of sedative ambient excursion that will make your brain drift - proper synapse music.

"I tried to rework sounds from my immediate environments – seas, places where I stayed and everyday life.
I was inspired by absence of people in a blue sea. Absence can create silence that is more unsettling than merely contemplative.
I prefer to think about absence rather than silence – absence of sound is much more active, compelling a listener to fill these gaps in.
Physically and metaphorically it creates a space for multiple projections."

This quote from the artist says it best really, there's a definite beauty and a sense of calm and serenity in these tracks - a depth and curiosity that is encouraged by the open space between the frequencies - but the sound design and tonal choices also have a haunting, intriguing quality to them - wether it's those brittle, stretched frequencies that seem to creep in from the distance and vanish right before you in the first track 'Hurry of the Winds Working Across Open Spaces' or the self-modulating delay arpeggios of the 2nd track, or the lightfooted percussion, that perfectly detuned synthesis and the Pitch-bending low frequencies that disrupt the waves of counter-balance on 'A Blue And Oily' - perhaps our favourite track / along with the first cut -

The key is in subtlety here, but the pacing, and mood frequency shifting is well executed, great stuff for a horizontal drift with sound, and some time out at sea with your thoughts.

1. Hurry of the Winds Working Across Open Spaces 07:18
2. Million Wrinkles of the Sea Under the Moonlight 11:22
3. A Blue and Oily 09:55
4. Drifted Past the Bows 12:58

Written, produced and mixed by Vlad Dobrovolski.
Mastered by Gabriel Severin.
Illustration by Dmitriy Gorbas.
Design by Kotä.

Hurry of the Winds Working Across Open Spaces

Million Wrinkles of the Sea Under the Moonlight

A Blue and Oily

Drifted Past the Bows