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Vladimir Ivkovic - Gospels For Moopie (Fleetway Tapes Cassette)

Fleetway Tapes

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Fresh from across the border - the latest transmission from veteran selector, Offen-boss and Salon Des Amateurs regular Vladimir Ivkovic, coming with 90mins of deep digging obscurities, avant-garde and eastern european / balkan gems - a masterful drift through time and place

It's always a treat to hear a mix from Vladimir, as you know he's one of those music lovers that dedicates much more time than most to his craft, and has spent many years amassing records from all corners of the world. We couldn't tell you what any of the tracks in this mix are, I'm sure he'd have some stories to tell if you ask.

Vladimir is not only one of the finest DJ's around, but also a man of great wisdom, knowledge, and he knows how to smoke and drink too, which is equally important.

If you want a special tape filled to the brim with curious music from a true connoiseur, then look no further.

Ah yeah, there's also a joke about a Donkey and Horse on the tape, in Serbian, and a picture of a Donkey in a Juventus Shirt.

C90, served via A Colourful Storm's 'Fleetway Tapes' imprint.
Pro-dubbed, pad-printed shell with printed inlay.

A. C20H25N3O
B. C12H17N2O4P