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Volte-Face – Charlatan EP


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Five track debut from Volte-Face exploring several Techno avenues

Awesome debut here from the man behind the superb Bleed nights in London. Taking in a whole range of contemporary Techno styles there is something for everyone here.

Volte Face wears his influences clearly on his sleeve - taking in the flavours of Shifted, Tripeo, Svreca, Ben Klock and DVS1 but never becoming a pastiche. 

From the peak time-tool sounds of "Until the light takes us", the bumpier and more reflective sound of "Sine Qua Non" to the paranoid dystopia of "IXAXAAR", whatever time you happen to be on the decks this Swiss Army Knife of a record has got you covered!

Like they say, variety is the spice of life!


Until the Light Takes Us

Sine Qua Non