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Volte-Face - You Bury Me


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BleeD release a second EP of the year in the form of a third solo outing for label head Volte-Face, who also records alongside Daniel Avery as Rote. Recently featuring on Semantica's latest Nonnative compilation, 'You Bury Me' sees Volte-Face further refining his hypnotic, atmospheric approach to techno.

The A1, 'Shirime', is dark and trippy, with a brooding atmosphere throughout. Iori's remix on the A2 recontextualises the core elements of the original track with a broken-beat. The B1, 'You Bury Me', features a grindingly anthemic synth-line and marries it to a Gothic ambience. 'Dead Cat On The Dinner Table' rounds off the EP, an unapologetically straightforward beat underpinning some outrageous and unpredictable sounds. Early support from DJ Nobu, Svreca, Daniel Avery, Tripeo and Etapp Kyle.



You Bury Me

Dead Cat on the Dinner Table