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VOM - Altered States


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Powerfully chugging gothic trip report from Glasgow's best kept secret, VOM. Who're soon to be minting a new Bokeh Versions imprint: BKV Cadavre

Demented bark-at-the-moon vocals and Bauhaus-grade dubpunk basslines rattle round the flotation tank, darkwave synthlines sparkle the late night pool with tribal drum crashes and anthemic guitar screechery. Like the LP title suggests - there's shades of shifting closed-eye colours and melodies between the cracks of this truly gigantic record. Raising this far above the monochrome palette of a lot of the nu-goth movement.

Originally issued on Glasgow's amazingly darkside At War With False Noise Records in 2013 - we grabbed the last 10 copies (get those 2013 prices!) to get Rwdfwd fans up to date before the drop on BKV Cadavre. Oh and also because its the best debut goth album we can remember since that 80s OG wave (we weren't alive for).

Biggups the Schwet crew for putting us onto VOM in the first place.

Big One For Fans of: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, that real amazing Astaron re-issue, Molchat Doma's darker moments

1. Moon Of Hecate 03:05
2. They Live 05:13
3. Smack Attack 04:15
4. Cortina 03:33
5. The Master 02:38
6. Altered States 03:21
7. The Jester 01:06
8. The Stand 04:30
9. Sorcery 03:45

Recording: Steven Ward
Mastering: Andreas Jonsson & Ruaraidh Sanachan
Sleeve: Alastair Mabo
All songs by Vom

They Live

The Master

Smack Attack