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Bang! Crash! … Draw your curtains, forget about the outside world for once.

- BKV Cadavre is here, the Vitamin D deprived sister of Bokeh Versions, making an entrance with this C35 tape, dragging up some of the sickest goth-dub heard in time, all the way up north via Glasgow, from local cult band VOM.

We’ve been finding objects such as physical-only cassettes and little leaflets around RWDFWD HQ, and around town, even mailbags outside of the Island, with the barely legible words BKV Cadavre etched onto them for some time now, a year, a month? Something like that… Anyway, now our suspicions are confirmed - BKV is going deeper underground, once again.
Glide through the red curtain - hang on, is that blood?! - and step inside the echo chamber where darkness reigns, bats and moths and spiders play games in low light, and light is a foreign entity.
The chamber is is mostly still, barely letting out any sound… It’s a kind of protest against life, waiting for hell and the fury that will awaken us all from our whitewashed soma, and counter-intuitive capitalist aggression which has made us so sick & tired of the sunshine which just keeps prolonging the end of it all.

But even in this echo chamber, the one where BKV Cadavre has now nested itself, every now and then, this deathly stillness is interrupted for a kind of dance with the devil, a dance where Kingston’s lost soundmen come to check the pre-amp for it’s tuning, making sure the bassline rattles while each tremor from below shudders that stepping kick drum, and synthesisers sing their songs prompted solely by the steady flow of dust in the air. A shady figure slides his long nails across a phased out bass guitar, stood on top of a rock somewhere up there in the cavernous depths, as rain drops fall through the roof, rhythmically landing on the hi-hat and cymbal which is placed under a ghostly light inside this dark chamber. Proceedings give charge to that downward spiral of sound where oblivion, away from all the machines and screens, awaits invitingly, and all that is left to do, is sway, dance and drink the blood of our demise.

VOM have been invited to play this special night tonight, and they come dressed with all the sonic chains, leather jackets and knowledge of King Jammy 7”s that you need for entry here, and the furore that ensues shall remain steeped in legend, and re-imagined when this very cassette, featuring 6(66) of their greatest, most deadly hits of recent time - a true survival pack for the apocalypse and the life before it, ‘Entity Attachment’ is exactly the dose of goth downers, laced with soundsystem supercharge, that we’ve been asking for all our goddamn lives.

Step inside the echo chamber where VOM and BKV Cadavre make the rules - it’s better in here.

Pro-dubbed tapes, served with artwork by BKV Cadavre.
Includes DL code.

1. The Zone 05:13
2. Night Hunger 04:25
3. Fire In The Mind 04:17
4. Ecstatic Decline 05:26
5. Crucial Rights 03:35
6. Goetic Ritual 03:49

Goetic Ritual

The Zone

Night Hunger

Ecstatic Decline