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Voodoo Down Records October vs. Voodoo Down - Las Modelos

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Straight from Brooklyn, two proper cuts for darkened basement parties -

The A-side 'Las Modelos' is an original production by Voodoo Down himself (we can't figure out who it is either), an expertly crafted minimal techno piece filled with sonar pings and percolating dub chord licks, a welcome addition to our box, we get the feeling it'll stay there for quite some time...

Flip it over for an absolutely stunning dub mix from Bristol's own October - it's no secret we are big fans of his work and this one shows why. Cutting the already sparse original right down to the bone, those killer bleeps are pushed front and centre leaving the chord stabs simmering away in the back of the mix. A total pleasure from start to finish.

Las Modelos

Las Modelos (October's 12 Month Dub)