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Voodoo Tapes - Chant & Call (BKV005)

Bokeh Versions

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Bokeh Versions have called on the low-slung dub expertise of Giovanni Roma under his Voodoo Tapes guise, and the result is suitably lo-fi depth charge, finding it’s fitting home on cassette.

Disjointed sound sources, twisted harmonics and bruk-up feedback loops come into close confrontation with the foundations of dub, 90's sample rhythms and it's mutations. There is an underlying thread of off-kilter hip hop in here too, at times even reminiscent of some of Best Available Technology’s more beat-driven works.

Running for around 20mins of original material, and padded out with top reworks from Italian sound system steppas Jambassa and Bokeh Versions staple Jay Glass Dubs; as a whole, it’s a totally lucid, dreamy trip down dub lane, where the road signs have been ignored and the vehicle swerves between lanes and drives at night time with no headlights.

Wicked once more, if you're feeling the Bokeh dub stylee, you can't go wrong with this one.

Comes with DL code and sticker.

A1: Procession ft. Sonakine
A2: The Summoning
A3: The Chant Is Off ft. Paolo Petrella
A4: Still Night ft. Paolo Petrella
B1: Dawn (Jambassa Remix)
B2: The Summoning (Jay Glass Dubs Version)

Procession (feat Sonakine)

The Summoning

Still Night (feat Paolo Petrella)

The Summoning (Jay Glass Dubs remix)