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Vox Populi - Field Works Vol. 1

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Four tracks of Bumpy-Lo Fi Minimal House from Vox Populi Recordings

For the making of this EP the head of the label Frederic Scharf took a trip to Turkey and filled up a Harddrive with field recordings of his travels, which he then handed to the capable artists Baris K, Valentin Stip, Volkan Akin and Tim Karbon to create this varied and essential release.

Starting of with "Chapter 1" by Baris K, as chunky kicks roll whilst intermittent analogue plinks and plonks skirt the soundscape sounding not dissimilar to a Ricardo Villalobos or early Perlon track.

"Chapter 2" by Valentin Stip is a much more direct track, as pummelling kicks and driving percussion lead to a spectacular drop of a pitched down Turkish instrument that is sure to turn heads and move bodies in the dance. A similar utilisation of exotic instrumentation is sound in "Chapter 3" by Volkan Akin, who also incorporates field recordings of a busy market to astounding effect, creating a delirious mix of half heard conversations and frenetic percussion.

Rounding out the EP with "Chapter 4" by Tim Karbon, this is the peak time banger of the lot, with dreamy pads and optimistic instrumentation this one is primed for good vibes on the terrace.

Baris K - Chapter I

Valentin Stip - Chapter II

Volkan Akin - Chapter III

Tim Karbon - Chapter IV