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  • W.O.R.M. -  World Of Repetitive Music

W.O.R.M. - World Of Repetitive Music

Limbo Tapes

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Latest transmission from our pals at Limbo Tapes sees the 2 founders link up for 16 tracks of smudged dreamscapes, ambient interludes and otherworldly textures...

'For the first time, the founders of Limbo Tapes join forces as World of Repetitive Music for a full length album.

Releasing into the ether their signature blend of heart-melting, dreamlike and sometimes unnerving creations, Titus 12 and Dive Reflex Service present 16 ‘worms’ designed to get firmly lodged in your unconscious mind.

Like a slow motion psychedelic chart-show or a fever induced Sunday night dream, these worms want to take radio-friendly song power in one hand, trance inducing patterns of blunted electronics and off grid ghostly beats in the other.

Although there is a playfulness to the concept of this release, some of the tracks that appeared became increasingly personal. Hence lots of dedications to those we have loved or lost. May the humor here help to heal your sorrows, find you at peace and remind you of the humbling absurdity of existence.

Enjoy with a vacant stare while you sing along, and let us know what gets stuck in your minds ear.'


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Karin's Preparation


Kelly's Loop

Tranquil Pills

24 Flutes


Gin's Loop

Lost Ones



Games You Play

Happy Worm


Keep Calm

Plus' Loop

It's The End (Dave's Loop)