• Wackies: African Roots Act.1

Wackies: African Roots Act.1


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Originally released on the Five Arts Label in 1977, then re-issued on Wackies in 1980, this album provides a register of producer Clive Hunt's work with a who's who of Jamaican music - including done-over tracks from his time at Channel One (Ernest Wilson's return to Undying Love), with Joe Gibbs (Trinity's Three Meals A Day), Sonia Pottinger (Marcia Griffiths' Mark My Words), and Geoffrey Chung (Pablo Moses' We Should Be In Angola); and not least with Bullwackies, on a couple of one-away rhythms. Enough Upsetter in the mix too.

If you don't know much about the Wackies Sound from the Bronx, this is a brilliant starting point, absolutely killer dub styles with that NY sound on them drums, tough and tight, hard-hitting and raw.

This album is worth it alone for 'Addis Ababa Dub' ...and that is certainly not to say that the rest of the cuts aren't equally ruff!
Remastered by Moritz Von Oswald.

Addis Ababa Dub
Rock Ago Rock
Undying Dub
Freedom Dub
Gem Rock Dub
Wackie Rock Tune
Mozambique Trial
Always Dubbing
Betrayers Call
This Exit 

Addis Ababa Dub

Rock Ago Dub

Freedom Dub

Always Dubbing