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Immaculately produced amen workouts from Wallwork & RZR. The self described ‘ghost producers for some of the UKs finest’ duo make their named debut with a 4 tracker of rugged club styles.

Opening with the nasty 808 basses and chopped broken beats of ‘Don’t panic’, a bashy 130bpm banger riddled with vocal stabs and hands in the air pads. ‘Parrot Honey’ on the A2 follows a similar path, obviously giving a nod to Tessela’s work and, while it might not be a million miles away from Hackney parrot, it’s probably not supposed to be - either way, it shows a mastery of drum processing and editing that reinforces their ghost producer statement.

‘Percy’ on the B-Side switches things up a little, juxtaposing a 2-step garage beat with big fills and woozy synth lines. Deft is tasked with a reworking of the lead track and a fine job he does too…Creating a totally unhinged assault on the senses with chest rattling bass, mind bending edits and ear teasing filter sweeps.

4 crafty DJ tools for those that dig Tessela, Machinedrum, Etch and the like.

Don't Panic

Parrot Honey


Don't Panic (Deft RMX)