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Wania Presenterer Dritdypt Vol. 1


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Killer disc, repressed!

Another gem from the Wania imprint outta Moss / Berlin -

Three tripping, ambient, submerged, heads-down, close-your-eyes-and-dance techno tracks from Adam Just and XI...at least we think that's who it is... those wania centre labels are always (and most probably deliberately) a bit confusing for those who don't speak much Norwegian or who aren't necessarily up to date with everything.

We're pretty sure we first heard the brilliant AA side 'XI - MANIA 16 (E-Gzr Mellow Mix)' on a mix CD which the Sex Tags / Wania boss 'DJ Sotofett' had compiled for his first session in Bristol, at Peng Sound vs Headrush... some two years-or-so ago... it's a standout track that deserves (and gladly received) it's full length and space on a whole side of a 12"... Driving, pushing, bassline and low-pass kick drums create headroom for the floating ambience and hi-hats... it's simply put, beautiful stuff.

Flip it around and place the needle on the next side of the disc, and you will find two further tripped-out journeys through the analogue depths of techno-heaven.
Mysterious dream-sequences and pulsating rhythm seem to be the order of the day here, and it's great stuff.

A top record, don't sleep on it!


XI - MANIA 16 (E-Gzr Mellow Mix)

Adam Just - Eastern Lecture

Lupo 100 Percent Wet