• Wareika Hill Sounds - No More War EP

Wareika Hill Sounds - No More War EP

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Wareika Hill Sounds is the contemporary roots reggae project of Calvin Cameron — mainstay of the original Light Of Saba line-up, who to this day lives above the headquarters of the Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari, in the Wareika Hill district of Kingston, Jamaica.

Raw, thundering niyabinghi and calypso drum rhythms set the pace for sombre, yet powerful, uplifting horns like a storm approaching the shores with the tumbling waves.

Each track urges forward with certainty, repetition serves only as a bed for change as the rhythm rumbles and the percussion dances around a loose and free, yet refined and precise pattern.
Righteous music, full of skill and dedicated to the cause.


No More War

Free The People

Universe In Crisis

Chant Rasta