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Death Is Not The End

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Cassette release of ten tracks channeling eerie Gospel and Blues on quality archive label "Death Is Not The End"

This cassette sees the reissue of ten of the eighteen known recordings (from 1927-1929) of Washington Phillips, a Gospel singer born in 1880. Singing with raw emotion and integrity on mainly religious subject matter, tracks like "Take your burden to the Lord" and "What are they doing in Heaven today" paint a picture of sorrow and longing in a timeless way.

Phillips sings to the accompaniment of a strange instrument which has been the subject of debate amongst his fans for some time. The instrument in question has been cited as a Deolceola, a Celestophone and a Phonoharp, whilst some critics argue that it is a unique instrument of Phillips own creation; it serves to add a unique quality to the tracks which when contrasted with the relatively monotone and stable delivery of Phillip's singing voice makes for an enigmatic and distinctive experience.

A real and solemn treat this one.

Take Your Burden To The Lord

You Cant Stop A Tattler

Lift Him Up Thats All

Paul & Silas In Jail