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Waveform Transmission - V2.0 - 2.9


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Rod Modell (Deepchord) reunites with Chris Toy, after 20 years, bringing us a stunning follow up to their first Waveform Transmission, which appeared on Silent in 1996.

Pressed up on hefty 180gram vinyl, via the immeasurably good Astral Industries imprint, this new Waveform Transmission is fully equipped for long, immaculate strides in the ambient wash.
It's a slow shapeshift of atmospherics and stretched out emotions, like a dangerously low flying helicopter view right in front of a slow-motion tidal wave...
White foam horses fizz in the undulating currents as the stream heightens eternally, towering into mammoth scale, dangerous and delicate at the same time, natural force and beauty.
This is one way of describing the music that is filling the brain via headphones (this experience is recommended) in full stereo, and I'm sure this piece will evoke similar, or even completely different views to each listener.
And that is the beauty of this drift music... It's a venture into the inner space, and not many do it more masterfully than Deepchord and Chris Toy, in Waveform Transmission code.

This is a keeper, worth each of the Sterlings attached to the price tag, believe us.

1. V 2.0-2.1 18:00 mins
2. V 2.2-2.3 18:00 mins
3. V 2.4-2.7 18:00 mins
4. V 2.8-2.9 18:00 mins

V 2.0-2.1

V 2.2-2.3

V 2.4-2.7

V 2.8-2.9