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A proper gem from one of the most underated producers in the D&B scene - Paradox

Having built a solid reputation as one of the most formidable break-chopping producers on the planet with landmark releases on the likes of Good Looking, Reinforced and even Rush Hour, Dev Pandya is second to none (except perhaps Breakage back in the day) for slicing and reshaping breaks and pushing jungle music forward.

It has been reported that he has flown to different countries in order to record shows where he might get a decent recording of an unheard break and, this record, is a culmination of that passion/obsession with drums.

Split into 16 tracks over two sides, 'Wax Breaks' offers up a range of immaculately recorded drum breaks at varying tempos, a valuable resource for producers of any style, (let's face it, there aren't many styles of music that wouldn't benefit from a decent break being added) crafty DJs who want a little something to spice up sets or shift between tempos and also for a proper bit of home listening (admittedly that might be reserved for the real nerds out there but I certainly battered it over the weekend).

There are more edits than you can shake a stick at here, all sounding super weighty and crisp, running these through an amp in the red and into your DAW of choice will add that inimitable analog warmth that you just don't get with a digital sample pack.

Top tip for the DJs as well, 33/45 rpm experimentation is encouraged!