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<< Little re-stock for those who missed it! >>

Shed is back with a very welcome instalment of his flawless, once-a-year-or-so WAX series via Berlin record shop institution Hard Wax.
If you've been following this imprint for the last decade or so, (we remember being wide eyed and enthralled when discovering 10001 in Bristol's Rooted Records back in the day (RIP) and have been avid fans since) you'll have probably already added it to your bag.

If not, check the clips and enjoy the work of a true master making it look way, way too easy... The A side is a slab of that ruff chug that works wonders in the mix, be that house, techno and beyond. The flip drops the clonk in favour of something altogether lighter and atmospheric.

Absolutely timeless gear.

Part 1

Part 2