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Wayne Jarret - Satta Dread

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Conscious rootsman business from the one Wayne Jarret -

Released on many imprints and in a few differing incarnations since it's first release in 1975 on the Bar Bell imprint, Satta Dread sits just on the right side of obscurity, but it's a powerful track all the same.

With the vocal sweetness and delivery of Horace Andy at his finest, mixed with the subtle, haunting tone of Hugh Mundell,
Wayne Jarret proves his worth with this vocal, bringing a conscious message and delicate, yet forceful delivery.

Satta Dread deals with the unnecessary aggression that some people deal take to, the de-humanising greed and the soul-less hunger for power and the inevitable doom of these traits.

Backed up with a super deep, Tubby style dub version that is in itself worth the purchase... You just can't go wrong with this one.

Satta Dread