• Victory-dance

Wayne McArthur - Victory Dance

Reggae Remedy

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Soundsystem Anthem from Wayne McArthur -

This one has been doing the rounds in the soundsystem world for some years, always lighting up the dance with vibration.

Wayne McArthur delivers the catchy Victory Dance chorus, in unison with the hornsline and the rumbling foundations of drum and bass.

Extra niceness on the extended part of the track, with the horns and rhythm taking things into higher heights.

Flip it for Unification, a righteous message over a properly dubbed out mystical stepper on this extended mix, followed by a great dubwise mix to top it all off.

The dub mixes and production efforts on this disc make it worth the investment, these are sure to uplift the session.

There's even a lickle locked groove on the B-Side, nice touch.

Wayne McArthur - Victory Dance

Extended Dubmix

Wayne McArthur - Unification

Unification Dubsteppa