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Wayne Wade - Poor and Humble / Bunny Lie Lie - Babylonian


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1981 steppin' roots business - long sought-after, now back in press - from Wayne Wade, backed with a top, anti-babylonian Bunny Lie Lie cut, over two Linval Thompson produced, Scientist mixed gems, served here in extended discomix style, vocal into version

Shouts to Greensleeves for bringing this one back on wax, what a great record.
Those extended Scientist mixes are magic, on both cuts.

We got Wayne Wade comin' with a real strong sufferer's, anti-money lyric, chanting for positive attitude over a subtle, yet tough, steppin' Revolutionaries instrumental, served on an extended discomix 12" (vocal & dub).

This is one of the comparatively more obscure cuts from the Greensleeves catalogue, but it's not to be underestimated - the way the vocal is mixed is kinda haunting, heart-wrenching in the best way - with Scientist on the mix letting Wayne Wade's vocal stay reverbed for the most part, before creeping the vox out in a stealthy way via tape-delay and more reverberation, ready for that wicked, understated bassline to come through in the dub mix. Tough! This one's a gem once you listen closely and appreciate its simple, yet deadly intricacies.

Flipside, we got Bunny Lie Lie's 'Babylonian's - sending out a clear message of anti-babylonian sentiment, which we can all relate to.
The instrumental on this one comes in a more one-drop style, and Scientist brings in that signature bass-warp on the discomix too - rough & tuff!

Great 12", don't sleep on the vocal, into dub mixes on this!

Wayne Wade - Poor And Humble

Babylonian - Bunny Lie Lie