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Weightausend - s/t EP


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Deepest excavations from the outer circuits of the echo chamber -

Presented via the Milan-based D.I.Y. label and event organiser 'Haunter Records' this cassette delivers the musical goods of 'Weightausend'.

It's an intense but elevating ride through the uncontrollable sonic corners of echo and distortion, rhythmically unchained and left to it's devices, it's a haunting journey through a dimly lit scenario that feels like it could take a turn at any second.

From the shuffling intro we are deported into the depths of sound, flickering lights and clouds of darkness are depicted in these sonic scenarios, it's a brilliantly deep piece of music, split into tracks that are coherenent and move  effortlessly from one to the next.

The words from the label itself make a good picture too, check:

'Weightausend’s music is born out of the crash between expectations and daily praxis.
A dub-infused, non linear array of data in which memories, obsessions, in the shape of sound pieces borrowed from friends and collected from the most various sound sources (even cannibalizing dance music power cliches such as the amen break), are arranged to enter a psychic cage system set to take advantage of their raging power.
The resulting tracks sound like jungle rave hits echoing from outside time.

Side B contains a doomy aquarian remix by Morkeblå, and a remix by concrete cave inhabitant Heith of an unreleased track, produced with no previous listening of the original.'

A great tape.
It's deeply involving, expertly executed stuff - a ride that won't let loose til the journey ends and the reels stop turning.

Mastered by Antonio Gallucci.

Limited to 100.

The Cage

W Modulate

Untitled - Heith Mix

W Modulate - Mørkeblå Rework