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Weird Weather - Succulents


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LASH02 has arrived. We've been itching to get our hands on this one, ever since the first record on the label 'Tongue Drum' entered through our gates. It's been worth the wait...

Another big drop to the shop, comes in the form of the long awaited 2nd release on LASH00 (formerly known as 'Whip + Lash) the label ran by Claire Voyant and Weird Weather out of London, but distributed via us here in Bristol. The first disc on the label - Tongue Drum - was a big favourite here when it dropped last year just before the world started turning sideways, and this 2nd disc 'Succulents' does not disappoint in the slightest either.
Make sure you cop this if you're a fan of dancehall mutations that lean towards a more industrial, heavyweight sound with leanings towards techno and other mad soundsystem musix. It's a wicked, wicked disc from this solid underground operation, sounding fully pressurised and ready-to-trip.

Check the full scoop from LASH00 HQ below - and please feel free to hit that button with confidence.

"Weird Weather turn loose the ‘Succulents EP’, the grimier sequel to 2020’s ‘Tongue Drum’ 12” on their LASH00 label (formerly Whip+Lash). Finding overlap with the contemporary sounds of YOUTH, Hessle, Bokeh-and-related, and with a nod to leftfield 90’s grindcore experimentalists Scorn and James Plotkin, the London-based duo return on energising form with four surging tracks of heavy-duty dub industrial and off-kilter bass.

First featured on The Wire magazine’s Below the Radar series, the outsized 808 pressure and gurgling anti-melodies of ‘Succulents’ lead the charge. Next up: ‘Axle 2 Grind’s streamlined rhythms and percolating distortion occasionally give way to rising, alarm-like tones. Side two serves up ‘Devil’s Dinner Plate’, a smudgy platter of greasy breakbeat and degraded noise, before ‘Heavy Metal Bathtub’ brings things to a close with a wash of crackling static and tense drums. Here be Dragons.


LASH00 is a London-based label on the borders of industrial, dub, wave and bass.
Distribution by RWDFWD."



<< KILLER >> 12", once again.

The very last handful of copies of LASH01 are available here too, for those that missed it in 2k20....


Axle 2 Grind

Devil's Dinner Plate

Heavy Metal Bathtub