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Weird Weather - Tongue Drum EP


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Brand new, and 100% killer disc on fresh imprint Whip + Lash, straight from our friends in London, at the Rye Wax record shop, headed by Claire Voyant alongside D.E. Thorney & L.J. Horstman of Weird Weather fame -

We're glad to be getting our hands dirty with this one, brought to us in a special delivery in the back of the boot, down the M32 from LDN to BRS.

Weird Weather (of NTS / Going Good / Emotional Especial fame) grace the first disc and kick the label off to a highly promising start, with LASH01.

This one's already had good support from the likes of Jon K (you check that latest TTT tape he did?) and it's been firing off in the underground nicely. There were even some dubplates making the rounds for those who were real quick, and it's good to see the wax in full shape now, ready for the world.

Musically speaking, the Tongue Drum EP straddles the line between rootical, tripped out techno-chug sonics on an industrial wave, with lots of juice for your body to move to, and lots of freak for your brain to zing to. It's a three tracker that traverses various settings & shades, with a binding factor of sub-fuelled, rhythm-driven guttural frequencies & harmonics that will sound extra tasty on a soundsystem.

The A1 'Tongue Drum' should be good enough reason to buy this plate already, with its infectious, low-slung groove and subduedly anthemic synthlines. This one has all the tension, release and forwards momentum you should wish for in a good dancefloor cut - that said, we've been listening to this on the home stereo too, and it's a real good mood!

The B1 - 'Paint' - charges even deeper. Rain-drenched industrial static washes over growling basslines and slowed drum machine chug - there's something tropical about this, but the thunderstorm is never far away.
Let the needle run its course, and you'll be treated to a stripped, utterly menacing version of this same 'Paint' cut.
Hear charcoal grey arpeggios working their way through the shredded drums of the original cut, as ultra low frequency worms it's way into the forefront. This one will have the weather man escape the broadcast in fear of the panic.

A very, very solid record, that is deftly placed for club use for those DJ's who like their music with 'mood', and also a really engrossing, dark but never oppressive, listening disc - from start to finish.

Tip-top tips on this one!

Edition of 300,
hand-stickered in disco bag, with printed centre labels.

Tongue Drum


Paint (Black, Red, Green)